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Synchronize Your Online Presence for Seamless Social Networking

 Link Sqeeqee to your other social networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn – and post to these sites automatically by sharing your photos, videos, links, and updates to your Sqeeqee wall. It's quick, simple, and requires no duplicated effort! In fact, you'll find that synchronization opens new doors by making all your social media accounts work together seamlessly to build an online network for business or personal use.

Reasons for Synchronizing All Your Social Networking Channels

There are many good reasons for synchronizing your entire social media presence across all the social networks you use. If you run a business, this will of course include all your marketing channels. If you use social media for personal or professional purposes, you can still use our innovative social platform to link together all your social networks for quick, easy access to all your individual account profiles. But, whether your Sqeeqee account is a business or personal one, our powerful software will also help you earn revenue on all the activities you already engage in online – which is just one more great reason to link together all the networks you normally use and let Sqeeqee handle the integration.

The process is painless and can be done quickly, easily, and efficiently. By making the Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App the hub of all your online interactions, you'll discover how simple it is to start Social Networthing® and not merely social networking. This innovative concept is one that brings real value to users. Once you've connected all your online social platforms to your fully customized Sqeeqee profile, you'll find that switching back and forth between your favorite social networks will be more convenient than ever.

A Quick Look at the Sqeeqee Social Networking Monetization App

The innovative Sqeeqee social networking and e-commerce platform is loaded with features that enable users to monetize their social media presence while completing a wide variety of activities they already engage in online. Whether that means sharing photos, videos, links, and status updates with family and friends, completing online research for academic or professional purposes or consumer-related decisions; collaborating with business associates to complete work-related projects, our software will make monetizing those activities easier than ever.

In fact, the Sqeeqee platform will allow you to monetize activities you weren't able to monetize before, letting you collect revenue in unexpected places.

Our platform also makes the process intuitive by adding simple navigation to our website's design, while allowing you the option of linking your social media profiles together and sharing content from one social networking site to another – or to all of the others. We know you'll appreciate not having to sign in to each platform individually, which, in itself, will save you a great deal of time. In fact, this technique will make that part of your online experience virtually pain-free, whether you use your social media accounts for business or pleasure. This is just one example of the power of the innovative Sqeeqee electronic commerce and monetization platform. Making the synchronization of all your online accounts easier across the board is one of our major Sqeeqee strengths.

An Ever-Expanding Set of Features to Let You Sync Your Monetization Efforts

Our well-laid out website navigation also makes it a breeze to move around on the platform and use our unique set of features. In addition to e-commerce activities such as buying and selling – including Application Sales – the platform features a User Exchange, which can help you save money you would otherwise spend, effectively giving you more disposable income, which, while not technically a direct form of monetization, can help increase the funds in your pocket.

We also offer various types of advertising opportunities, including Sponsored Ads, User-Sponsored Ads, Sponsored Links, E-newsletter Sponsor, and Featured Blog Sponsors, as well as Banner Ads, Application Ads, Video Ads, Hall of Fame Ads, and AdSqee and #Hashtags (which are similar to AdWords). Other Sqeeqee monetization features include Crowdfunding and Charity Bank.

To round out the platform, we also offer a number of other versatile features, including the following: Deals/Coupons (similar to Groupon), Events (similar to, Jobs (similar to, Books (similar to Amazon or Barnes and Noble), Stock Photos (similar to iStockphoto), Virtual Money (including our Game and Sqeeqee Bucks), Premium Search Position, What's Sqeeqee-ing (trends), and Sliders (featuring What's Sqeeqee-ing).


Our platform also offers convenient descriptions of our features to help you familiarize yourself with what each feature is designed to do and how you can use it to reach your monetary – or non-monetary – social networking goals. These feature descriptions can be accessed at any time and as many times as you need them.

Sqeeqee: Equipping Today's Users for 21st Century Networking

Here at Sqeeqee, we work hard to make sure you have all the tools at your disposal that you need to connect with other likeminded people, share a wide variety of online content, market yourself or your business, and reap the rewards of persistent engagement. We continuously upgrade our platform capabilities to make your online experience more rewarding and your social networking activities faster, easier, more powerful, and more relevant to what you're trying to accomplish.

Our technical team has built a versatility and expandability into our platform that makes almost anything possible. We consider Social Networthing® to be the solid foundation that should underlie and support all the other efforts you engage in with your chosen group of online connections. Whether you are a for-profit business, a nonprofit organization, or a private individual, we believe you should have the ability to reap monetary rewards through your social networking activities. That's why our unique social monetization platform always provides the latest cutting-edge tools and technologies available. This is one distinction for which Sqeeqee is fast becoming known: continuous upgrading and ongoing innovation of our software platform as new needs become apparent and new technological capabilities emerge. Whenever new technologies become available and technical advancements are made, our knowledgeable tech team goes right to work modifying various parts of our platform to incorporate the latest and the best and thereby assure our users of a thoroughly dependable online experience.

Getting in Sync: The Way to Get and Stay Competitive in Today's World

Synchronizing your messages across all your online properties is one key way both brands and individuals can make themselves stand out amid all the noise and clamor of today's online environment. Whether in the marketplace or in one's own personal sphere of influence, synchronization can bring new power to your business or personal image-building strategy. In an increasingly competitive world, the kind of integration that allows you to skillfully weave together all the fibers of your diverse marketing tapestry will help you create the unified image you need to make an impact in your business sector or personal sphere.

The Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App allows both brands and individuals to appeal to the audiences they most need to target, while reaping the monetary rewards and attracting the financial revenues they deserve to see flowing into their bank accounts. The spirit of innovation that has helped Sqeeqee far surpass our peers will carry both our platform and the businesses and individuals who use it even further in the future.


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