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Your free Sqeeqee Social Networking Monetization App registration makes social networking easy by letting you access a multitude of powerful features that help you do everything from uploading photos and videos to buying, selling, bartering, and crowdfunding. We call this combining of social media with e-commerce monetization "Social Networthing®." Your profile is your home base for connecting with buddies, sharing updates, "liking" or "disliking" your buddies' posts, finding other users who share your interests, and making all your social networking activities profitable.

 How Socialization Has Evolved Over Time

 Historically, socializing has always meant getting together with other people at the same physical location to share their company and enjoy mutual interaction within that specific setting. But, today the definition of the term has both evolved and expanded with the development and expansion of the internet. In fact, the concept is still evolving as the powerful capabilities of the online environment become more widely understood and users all along the social media spectrum become better able to harness these unique abilities to accomplish their corporate goals or fulfill their personal aspirations.

 Social interaction in the 21st century is no longer limited to simply getting together with a friend or colleague over a cup of coffee, a drink, or a meal. While such face-to-face interactions are still a normal part of life and will certainly never go out of style, the need for face-to-face meetings for business purposes has greatly diminished, thanks to the convenience of technology. These personal meetings have, in fact, been supplemented by electronic connections that can be made instantly right in the comfort of our own home or office. Yet, for those who may need – or choose – to be continuously on the go, the means exist for remaining fully connected via one or another type of electronic or digital device. These factors add incredible versatility to the world of communication and socialization.

 What Does It Mean to Socialize Today?

 In today's world, socialization isn't merely a way to pass the time – though it is that, too. It's actually become serious business. Twenty-first century socializing has largely become an online pursuit involving multiple dimensions, with huge implications and virtually limitless possibilities. We've barely scratched the surface of what today's electronic and digital devices can do when connected to one another and to the World Wide Web. For both businesses and individuals, putting the social in social networking means engaging in a variety of online activities that have the potential to impact our world in ways we're barely even beginning to comprehend. From providing a few hours of diversion to offering an opportunity for creating a fully monetized online presence, social networking has become one key method of human interaction in the 21st century.

 The Value of Social Networking in the Modern World

 From keeping in touch with friends and family to collaborating remotely with a team of colleagues, social media runs the gamut from private to public networks and platforms that each offers a unique experience and targets a specific audience and that can be fully tailored to cater to that audience's needs, goals, or desires.

 Social media has created an entirely new "meeting" paradigm, eliminating many of the obstacles that have made collaboration more difficult in the past. Meetings can be held or other types of business or personal connections shared from across town, across the continent, or halfway across the world. This unique arrangement opens new horizons for personal and business communication, relationship building, and even commerce.

 The full value of social networking is yet to be discovered as its utility is only gradually becoming apparent with each new use and each new iteration of the online social platforms that power it.

 How Can Sqeeqee's Online Social Platform Advance These Connections?

 How exactly does Sqeeqee's social platform help advance the new social networking paradigm? This is a crucial question and a key area to explore as we seek to assess the potential of today's online software when used, in conjunction with the power of community, to create something larger and more dynamic than any model previously in use. The Sqeeqee Social Networking Monetization App opens the door to unprecedented power, giving users a new level of influence in virtually every area of business and life.

 While the Sqeeqee social networking platform offers a wide variety of convenient features to help users fulfill a multitude of purposes, on a purely social level Sqeeqee is versatile – and powerful – as well. In addition to offering all the standard options of the average social media platform – including photo, video, and link sharing – Sqeeqee's online software expands on those offerings by bringing in many less-conventional features. The software also allows users to create an online hub that lets them centralize their social networking activities. By linking all their other internet-wide social networking accounts to their Sqeeqee account and allowing users to control them all via that one central account, users' social media activities become simpler, more convenient, and far more efficient.

 Sqeeqee's Software Offers Even Greater Versatility via Mobile

 As the internet and social media profiles are accessed more and more frequently via mobile device, the power and versatility of Sqeeqee's online platform makes it uniquely positioned to offer instant access anywhere, anytime, keeping users perpetually plugged into the source of their socialization and monetization activities. The Sqeeqee Social Networthing® platform, in effect, becomes the social media user's headquarters for connecting from any conceivable location for sociability and profitability purposes. The platform's intuitive navigation and ease of use also help make the overall user experience one of the best available among today's most popular social networking platforms.

 Whether the user is settled comfortably in at home or at the office, sitting on a train or plane, or occupying a table by the window at a local café, Sqeeqee's intuitive software delivers the same high-quality user experience, keeping people happily connected and sharing anytime they want or need to. But, regardless of where their sharing takes place or which device they use, social networkers can count on a centralized software platform that's designed with the user in mind.

 Sqeeqee: An Evolving Platform That Advances with the Times

 Sqeeqee's talented tech team keeps its finger on the pulse of social media trends, user requirements, and the latest online software developments. This ongoing process allows the team to respond to evolving trends by continuously upgrading the platform and adding multiple new features as required. This dynamic upgrading process lets users reap the benefits of the latest advances in social media methodology and the most recent developments in information technology.

 A number of basic socially oriented features are built into the Sqeeqee platform to allow users to share many different types of content and engage in various social activities. Users connect with "buddies" and post updates or share links, photos, videos, and more. Members can also engage in e-commerce – either as buyers or sellers – and can also swap items via the platform's User Exchange feature. Several features also facilitate monetization, a topic which we cover in a separate section.

 In addition to the features originally built into the powerful Sqeeqee social networking platform, a variety of new social features have been added since the software's initial development to further empower users and help them find everything they need in one place. These added features include the following:

  • Stock Photos

  • Events

  • Jobs

  • Books

  • Deals/Coupons

In summary, the Sqeeqee Social Networking Monetization App offers users a continuously expanding set of features that help them stay connected in an increasingly socially focused 21st century world.


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