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Monetize Your Social Media Presence & Start Social Networthing®

Monetization is the key to profitability for both businesses and individuals in today's social media-driven world. The concept of online monetization has opened doors to revenue streams that were both impossible and totally unimagined before the inception of the internet. In fact, the intricate system of internet servers that power the World Wide Web can also be used to power the acquisition of wealth in a personal or business context. Sqeeqee offers two ways for our users to monetize their profiles: by creating or hosting various types of advertising and by selling goods through our convenient e-commerce marketplace. Both methods can prove to be lucrative means for increasing net worth. The following is a brief introduction to each of the two types of monetization we offer to help our users come out ahead financially:

Advertising: By letting you create your own ads and/or giving you a share in the revenue that other advertisers attract, the Sqeeqee platform helps you earn money. Both Sponsored Ads and User-Sponsored Ads can help you earn revenue, either by displaying ads on your profile for a percentage of the monies generated or by renting out ad space on your wall to other Sqeeqee users. Other types of advertising that can drive your monetization efforts include Sponsored Links, E-Newsletter Sponsor, Featured Blog Sponsor, Hall of Fame Ads, Banner Ads, and Video Ads. Whatever form(s) of advertising you opt to use, these unique ad types have been developed by Sqeeqee to offer you a wide range of possible revenue streams for your business or personal profile.

E-Commerce: Buying and selling are easy on our innovative platform. You can choose to offer products for sale through your own E-commerce Shop, sell stock photos to Sqeeqee directly or to users via download revenue-share, and offer games or apps you've created to other Sqeeqee users for purchase (or free download). To round out our e-commerce offerings, we've also added a Books option to our list of features, which allows users to sell books in much the same way as an Amazon or Barnes and Noble e-store would. Each of these methods puts you in control of maximizing the monetary potential of your online presence.

There are a number of valid reasons for monetizing your social media presence while sharing relevant content across all the online networks you use. The content engages your audience and keeps them involved, while your monetization efforts are focused on gaining you the revenue you deserve – and earn – by taking the initiative to connect online. But, the best part is that your monetization activities can be centralized on Whether you run a business or use your social media accounts to connect with family and friends or advance your career or profession, our unique social commerce platform can give you the tools you need to make social commerce happen for you.

The Value of Monetizing Your Company's Social Media Presence

If you run a business, you can't afford to overlook monetization, which should be a natural part of your marketing strategy. And Sqeeqee fits right into that strategy. Using The Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App can help you tap the full potential of your company's marketing in the online marketplace.

While your overall marketing will involve all your online and off-line channels, Sqeeqee will put additional power into your campaigns by helping you set up many different types of advertising and monetization opportunities right on our website. You'll certainly run ads on your various social networks – and Sqeeqee will make that easier, as well, by serving as an online hub that allows you to automatically post content to Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn whenever you post it on This simple yet valuable feature of our innovative platform saves you time, trouble, and duplicated effort, making your social networking more efficient and at the same time more productive.

But, that's not all our social platform will do for you. With Sqeeqee in your arsenal of marketing tools, you'll be able to choose from multiple monetization methods which are offered on our site, using as few or as many as like. You may even decide to start with only one or two types of advertising or sponsorships and expand your monetization efforts as you go. The monetization options at are many, a fact that we're honestly proud of. And with the innovative mindset that drives everything we do here at Sqeeqee, you're bound to see our tech team developing many other ways to add to your net worth as time passes and as the internet and social media continue their incessant march into the future.

Social Media Sharing: The Sqeeqee Personal Monetization Connection

If you use social media for personal and/or professional purposes – aka, as an individual rather than a business – you can still use our innovative social platform to link together all your social networks for quick, easy access to all your individual account profiles. But, regardless of your main purpose for your Sqeeqee account – whether it's focused on personal or professional networking – our powerful software will also help you earn revenue on all the activities you already engage in online. This is a revolutionary concept developed by Sqeeqee, and it's just one more great reason to link together the networks you normally use and let Sqeeqee power all your key social media connections.

The process is painless and can be completed quickly, easily, and efficiently. By making the Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App the hub of all your online interactions, you'll discover how simple it is to begin Social Networthing® – and not merely social networking. Once you've connected all your online social platforms to your fully customized Sqeeqee profile, you'll find that our innovative concept in monetization will bring real value to your online engagement while making it more convenient than ever to share content among your favorite social networks.

Our Growing List of Features Can Power Your Monetization Efforts

At Sqeeqee, innovation is one of our most important goals. By thinking outside the box, our company leadership and crack technical team are always developing new concepts and adding new features that help our users earn money. In addition to e-commerce activities such as buying and selling – including Application Sales – the platform features a User Exchange that can help you save money you would otherwise spend, effectively giving you more disposable income. And while this may not technically be a direct form of monetization, it can definitely help increase your available funds.

In addition to the above monetization features, we also offer various types of advertising opportunities, including Sponsored Ads, User-Sponsored Ads, Sponsored Links, E-newsletter Sponsor, and Featured Blog Sponsors, as well as Banner Ads, Application Ads, Video Ads, Hall of Fame Ads, and AdSqee and #Hashtags (which are similar to AdWords). Other Sqeeqee monetization features include Crowdfunding and Charity Bank. These features can help businesses and/or individuals fully monetize their social media presence.

To round out The Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization platform, we also offer a number of other versatile features that can help you find new ways to improve your financial position as an individual or business. Features such as Deals/Coupons, Events, Jobs, Books, Stock Photos, and Virtual Money can help you start bringing in the revenue that can increase your bottom line. Check out our Terms of Use to learn more.


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