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Fundraising: The Sqeeqee Charitable Donor Connection

 Collect donations, through our Charity Bank, for organizations or individuals with charitable projects to fund, or help others commit a "random act of kindness" through our Pay-it-Forward Bank. If you'd like, you can even set up a PiF bank, designating yourself as the recipient. These are just a few of the many ways Sqeeqee helps users like you make the most of your social media connections. By providing a specialized form of crowdfunding focused solely on raising funds for charitable organizations and individuals in need of a helping hand, Sqeeqee equips you to help make a difference in the world.

 There's virtually no limit to the types of charitable projects you can fund through The Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App. And since our unique platform is designed to support many different monetization methods, it offers a versatility that other social media sites lack. The Sqeeqee system provides users with a powerful means for locating individuals who care enough about their cause to back it up with the funds they need to make things happen for the people and organizations that are on the receiving end of their charitable giving campaigns. So, whether you set up one campaign or 10, you can do so with the confidence that Sqeeqee has the tools you need to make giving, receiving, and paying it forward a normal, comfortable, and convenient part of your social networking experience.

 Charity Bank: Your Social Center for Charitable Fundraising

 Raising funds for your favorite charities is easy on our unique electronic platform. You can set up your campaigns, providing all the necessary information to let potential contributors know what the organization stands for and what it is doing to make a difference in its own particular sphere of influence – whether that be a neighborhood, a community, or an even wider geographical area. If your charitable organization's campaign is one that isn't limited by geography, you'll find the internet to perhaps be even more perfect for getting the word out about the chance potential donors have to help people across the country or even around the world.

 The internet has definitely changed the way fundraising is done in the 21st century. Like any other kind of crowdfunding campaign, a charitable giving campaign can benefit greatly from the non-local nature of the effort. Letting a wide range of prospective donors know about the campaign via the Sqeeqee social networking platform is the best way to generate interest and encourage donors to commit to funding your favorite non-profits.

 If you happen to know an individual or family that needs a helping hand to battle an illness, recover from a hardship, cover medical or other necessary expenses, or purchase a mobility device or other type of medical or non-medical equipment, our Charity Bank can help you present this type of need to potential donors, as well. As with any other type of crowdfunding campaign – charitable or not – providing enough information about the planned recipient of the funds, the reason the funds are needed, and the story behind the campaign will be crucial to convincing people that yours is the campaign they should choose to help support. So, be sure to make your campaign noteworthy and your story compelling. This is what will inspire people to give. Donors need to feel they are making a difference when they give, and if you can demonstrate that difference in your charity campaign materials – and make your campaign inspiring – "they will come." And they will give and feel fulfilled in giving.

 Whatever your cause – and whether you are a private individual or a representative of a charitable group or organization – you can set up a successful Charity Bank campaign quickly, easily, and conveniently on

 Pay-it-Forward Bank: A Sqeeqee Feature Your Buddies Will Love

 Has someone "committed" a random act of kindness for you at some point in your life? Has your lot in life improved enough that you can now do the same for others? If you are in a position to emulate a kindness done to you by helping someone else who may currently be in a similar situation, our Pay-it-Forward – or PiF – bank will give you the means to pass along the random acts of kindness that others have done for you. This is a wonderful way to "pass it on," creating more goodwill in the world and spreading the joy you felt when your benefactor decided to reach out and help you.

 Through your PiF Bank, which you can fund via your PayPal account, you'll be able to seek potential recipients of your paid-forward generosity among those on your Sqeeqee buddies list. Once your buddies are exposed to your Pay-it-Forward campaign, those who would like to be considered for a potential donation can request to become followers of your campaign. You can expand your pool of potential recipients by adding to your buddies list. Simply use our Invite Buddies feature, which lets you send invites to friends on other social media sites. You'll also meet many other Sqeeqee users who have similar interests over time, so this will be another way to grow your list of people who can either donate to or benefit from your various charitable campaigns.

 If you desire, you can also set up a PiF Bank designating yourself as the recipient of the donations and allowing others to pay it forward by giving to you. Again, you'll want to be very detailed here in presenting the need and very candid in revealing who you are to those you hope to inspire to pass along their own good fortune to you.

 Getting People Emotionally "Invested" in Your Charitable Campaigns

 Since you never know exactly who your campaign will "click" with, it's important to keep it highly visible so both targeted "donor" types and average everyday people will have the opportunity to take an interest in your project. Be sure you provide all the details they need to become psychologically invested in your need or in the need of whomever else you are attempting to help through your campaign. If your campaign is one that makes people feel generous – based on its perceived value, as well as on their own personal interests, principles, concerns, and backgrounds – you'll have a good chance of attracting their attention. And when you do, you may just be able to attract their dollars, too. This is one of the keys for getting potential donors to act by making them feel emotionally invested in your charitable campaigns.

 Whether you use our Charity Bank feature or our Pay-it-Forward Bank feature, you'll be fully able to designate the recipient of the funds – whether that recipient is a non-profit organization, a family, or an individual – yourself included. This gives you the freedom to seek help for those for whom it is most needed. Just be sure to bring the person, persons, or organization to life before your audience of potential donors if you'd like your campaign to be successful. (And who wouldn't?)

 So, whether you create a charitable or pay-it-forward campaign – or fund one – you'll find that The Sqeeqee Social Networking and Monetization App offers all the tools you need to make your campaign a reality. Check out our FAQs to learn more about the many innovative features we offer to power your social networking and online monetization activities.


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