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Crowdfunding: The Community Capital Connection

 Use the Sqeeqee platform to raise capital for your own projects (or back other user projects) via crowdfunding. Find backers by posting details of your project either on your home wall or in our Project Info section. As a backer, publish details of the kinds of projects you're willing to fund by using our Shark Bank feature – or search these to find your perfect backer.

 Crowdfunding: The Modern Way to Fund Your Projects

 Today, raising capital for projects is easier than it's ever been. The advent of the internet, with its proliferation of crowdfunding websites, has opened up previously unimagined opportunities for funding all types of projects. Basically, if you can come up with a creative idea for a project that has a reasonable likelihood of success once it has sufficient funding to back it up, you can find a group of investors with enough capital and enough interest in that project to bankroll your efforts. Websites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo prove it every day. And they are just two examples of sites that offer those who require funding an opportunity to present their projects to the world and see whether or not they can generate enough interest in their ideas to meet their funding goals.

 Yet, sites like these are limited in what they can offer users when compared to the variety of options provided by Sqeeqee's unique online social platform. And while these conventional crowdfunding sites are certainly valuable as far as they go, they offer a one-dimensional approach to those who use their model. They allow the developer of the campaign project to reach out and share the project idea with a pool of prospective funders – a helpful concept as far as it goes and a potentially lucrative method for bringing the campaign developer's dream to life. Yet, with this type of crowdfunding website, the "reaching out" goes in one direction only, a factor which seriously limits your options for securing the funding you need.

 Sqeeqee's Approach: A Multi-Faceted Take on Crowdfunding

 Crowdfunding with Sqeeqee is different. On our website, securing funding your project is a two-way street. We not only equip you to reach out to potential backers with the details of your project by letting you set up a funding campaign – matching what the other crowdfunding sites do – but we also allow project funders to reach out to you by letting you know what types of projects they are interested in funding. We feel this information is critical to you in your efforts to find the right backing for your project. By pointing you to specific investors who may be more likely to take an interest in funding your particular idea, we help you target the funding sources that are most relevant to your project, increasing the likelihood that you will secure sufficient funding for your project. And this targeted approach is in addition to letting you cast a wider net by broadcasting your project idea to a larger audience.

Sqeeqee Makes Raising Funds Even Easier

If you have an invention you need the funds to research, build, patent, and market …

If you're an independent musician, composer, or music group that needs to raise the capital to rent a studio and record your soon-to-be hit album – or an indie moviemaker who needs to secure the financial backing it will take to make that film a reality …

If you have a passion for helping people that gives you a clear vision for setting up a non-profit program that's designed to meet a specific need in your local community …

Then you have the beginnings of a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Whatever project you'd like funded, Sqeeqee makes the job easier. We provide all the tools you need to reach out to backers who are interested in investing their available funds in projects they believe in. Our innovative social networking platform makes it easier than ever to get the word out about your pet project.

Multiple Opportunities to Attract Funding

When you crowdfund using the intuitive platform, you'll have your choice of places to post your project to make it visible not only to those individuals who are specifically looking for projects to fund, but also to everyone who views your Sqeeqee wall. This will give you a solid opportunity to convince even those who may not have formally backed projects before to consider backing yours.

Since you never know exactly who your campaign will "click" with, it's important to "diversify" by giving both targeted "investor" types and average everyday people, who may just end up taking a real interest in your project, access to all the details they need to determine their level of psychological investment in your idea. If your campaign is one that piques their curiosity – based on their own personal interests, expertise, and background – you'll have a good chance of attracting more than just their attention. You may just be able to attract their dollars, as well. And the more investors you attract, the more your project-related funding pool will grow.

Posting Projects to Your Sqeeqee Wall

One easy way to advertise your investment opportunity is right on your Sqeeqee home wall. As you build your following by growing your Buddies list, you'll increase the number of "built-in" prospects who can serve as potential backers for your current or future projects. To grow your list, you can use our convenient Invite Buddies feature, which lets you send official invites to family, friends, acquaintances, and colleagues on other social networks, asking them to connect with you on Sqeeqee.


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