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Created by Landon Rome
Category: Community
Date: 03/03/2016 5:00pm
Address: Disclosed Location, Seattle, WA, 98105, US
Decription: What/Why:
Learn how to stretch your body out with this all Levels Lifted Yoga class. 

An All Levels class is the best place to start with Lifted Yoga, which is also know as Aerial, Antigravity, or Air Yoga. Classes are done in a hammock that is lifted from the ground and you will spend a lot of time in the air. These classes are created with all student levels in mind. We will break down the movements and postures to ensure safety and education. Take your time if you are new and skip anything that you are not ready for.

By relieving 20-80% of body weight, the hammock allows you to rapidly increase flexibility while improving balance and core strength. You will be able to reach more advanced yoga poses offering drastic improvements in health and vitality in a short amount of time. In addition to the benefits of yoga, the hammock also gently massages and stimulates various acupressure meridians of the body facilitating in powerful detoxifying effects.

The benefits:
-brings more body awareness
-decreases stress and anxiety
-increases strength and flexibility
-increases mobility of tight joints
-decompresses the spine
-aligns vertebrae without strain
-relieves pressure and hydrates discs
-refreshes circulation and lymphatics
-increases overall agility
-allows for advanced inversions without back or neck compression
-increases sense of presence

Please let us know what you think, any kind of feedback is highly appreciated.

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