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Billy Budd, Sailor (Dover Thrift Editions) Paperback
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Billy Budd, Sailor (Dover Thrift Editions) Paperback by Herman Melville
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Category: Literature
Edition Date: 03/17/2017
Time left: Unlimited
ISBN: 0486813630
Quantity: 28
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Decription: Cheerful, hardworking, and handsome, Billy is pressed into naval service aboard a British ship during the Napoleonic wars. The innocent and lovable young man quickly wins the hearts of all his comrades, save one: Claggart, the implacably bitter master-at-arms, who falsely accuses Billy of inciting mutiny. Rich in ambiguities, Herman Melville's haunting parable of the clash between good and evil raises thought-provoking issues related to the conflict between the requirements of the law and the needs of humanity.
This is the definitive edition of Melville's classic tale. Billy Budd, Sailor was discovered unfinished in the author's desk shortly after his 1891 death and remained unpublished until 1924. This text is the result of years of study and scrupulous research by Melville scholars. It offers students and other lovers of literature the best and most authentic version of the American storyteller's final masterpiece.
About author: Grade 9 Up--In this distinguished presentation of Herman Melville's American literary tragedy set during the Napoleonic wars, the voice of actor William Roberts is so firm and knowledgeable that listeners feels as though he is relating his own experiences. He makes subtle voice changes for the speech and emotions of the characters. Being careful not to over-dramatize the story, Roberts allows Melville's own words to take priority and not his interpretation of them. Because Roberts clearly enunciates each syllable, he is easy to understand. With the exception of the word, "lieutenant," there is no noticeable accent to distract students. The overall atmosphere is maintained with a somber tone, but Roberts' somewhat brisk pace keeps it from becoming maudlin. His speed does fluctuate when necessary to present different moods. Periodically a musical interlude is used to foreshadow the upcoming events. An excellent addition to high school library collections.--Claudia Moore, W.T. Woodson High School, Fairfax, VA 
Price: $6.96 (28 left)

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